Tree Bark

“You are an art piece..”
“Thank you.”
“I could paint you and I would use the colors of our surrounding to paint you.” / /”For your skin, I would use sand and tree barks; your skin would be made of cotton. For your hair I would use hay – the type that horses eat. For your eyelashes I would use the grass but I would have to paint it black. For your eyes I would use the clouds when the weather is stormy and thunder is about to hit. I would, however, add a little of the sea. Your teeth will be made with pebbles and for your jacket, the texture of bricks. Then, for your shirt, the foam created by sea waves.”
“That is beautiful..”
“For your lips, I have seen pink flowers of that color – your cheeks, though, my lipstick has that color, I could paint them right now.”
“Your wish.”
“On second thought, your lips could use the same color as your cheeks.” / / “Let me paint them right now or my art piece will stay incomplete.”
“Let it stay incomplete..”




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