Puking glitter

It is 2:00 am and I am at the after party of a wedding,
Every wedding is lavish but it is not every time that I doll up,
My red and golden lehenga reached my heels – black.
My red blouse hugging my chest and waist. Wonder if anyone noticed my face. Takes two seconds, really, to put on the cheap worn out bra but I spent a lot of time on my face.
I wonder if anyone noticed glitter on my eyelids after they were done staring and glaring at the curves of my B cup. My heels ached. I had had two cigarettes and three glasses of cola. Empty stomached, I rushed out the tent to puke. Lit another cigarette silently. Whose packet was this? Cheap fucking brand. I returned to the tent from the freezing cold. My shawl wrapped around me like my lover’s arms from the night before.
Everyone’s earrings were gently bouncing against their cheeks while mine slapped as if they held a grudge.
Something about my pout tells everyone everything they want to know and this flew a darling across the room towards me. He was a friend of a friend who was busy with the unpleasant groom.
Soon a group of young people filled up in a car. A girl as slim as me sat next to me in the front. Darling was in the driver’s seat and maybe five others in the back. I could hear two girls giggling in the back. I let my hair loose and so did the girl next to me. Brown curly hair; blue lehenga. I heard a bottle cap pop but I refused politely. The darling rested his hand on my thigh for reassurance and I smiled. Then everything faded under the music, the car kept accelerating, we rolled the windows down. I faintly heard her squeal out the window. We were laughing too much, too loud. Who rolled it or who lit it was beyond my concern but I was given the first puff. My nail polish shined so gracefully against the joint. ‘I will exhale in your mouth’ she whispered, I nodded and watched as she puffed and as she exhaled her body leaned forward and locked lips with mine.
It is now 4:30 am and we are searching for a rooftop so we can greet the daily visitor from east.


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