Cream Soda

I always sit too close to my friends. Right now, what I really want to do is grab the cushion my friend is sitting on and pull her closer. I want to apply eyeliner on her lids, slowly, holding my breath so it is perfect. While crossing the canteen I want to stop and adjust my friend’s golden jhumkey. While crossing the library, I want to step inside and hug one of them from behind, kiss her cheek and let her know I am present today.
In the art room, the corner we always take up, I want a head on my lap while I read a short story to everyone. They would listen unwillingly.
I want to watch as my hand moves away from her eyes and she blinks the eyeliner dry.
I also want to watch as she shakes her head and the jhumkey bounce against her cheek bones. One of these girls shares the left earphone with me sometimes. She smiles at me in admiration as every song ends and she falls in love with those three minutes then waits for the next three minutes of music.
I wonder what they will be wearing today. What combination of colors, what new shoes, which color of eyeshadow and how many coats of mascara. I know at least one of them is wearing blue. Someone always does.
As of now, I am on my bed, listening to Pink Floyd, brown lipstick and sitting next to my window. As of now, I am only wondering, but I am blessed enough to see all this everyday from morning to noon.
Sometimes we snap our straps to see which color everyone else is wearing. I usually start it. Our walks consist of descending six flights of stairs, towards the canteen; always towards the canteen.
There is a silent corner downstairs with heat and benches, where this silence fills with secrets and hugs. A lot of hugs. I have wanted to hold my friend’s face in my hands and tell her how beautiful I think she is. Alternatively I plant a kiss on her forehead, letting her know what I think of her.
The room with pink cold sofas in it will always be so dear to me. It is where you find the custom shirts, badges on bags, chiffon dupattas and batting lids with my eyeliner on.


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