Black stockings

26d130a5dad366d45a7cb4dee338e8f0There is this dress with small peach colored flowers on it, from strap to hem. It has a deep open neck and delicate straps.

“When did you buy this?”
“Yesterday, from the flea market. I love it so mu-”
“It is pretty. We are going to an event today, but do not wear this please.”

“Please hurry up!”
“Let me get my dress – I will put something on top.”
“No, that dress is hideously inappropriate. Please, tsk.”

“So, I was searching for a sweater of mine and I found this dress of yours! How old is it – has it been two years?”
“Yes, I suppose.”
“It’s lovely. Where do you want to wear it?”
“I do not know anymore. Some place with jazz and dim lights. Black stockings underneath and heels. I have clothes for everywhere.” laughs

“Are you done packing? We need to leave this place soon. God, have you packed that dress, as well? Please throw away all your useless clothes.”
“Let me help you in the kitchen.” I will wear it someday

“This is my cupboard!” laughs between coughs “Borrow whatever you may.”
“Hey – is this dress yours?”
“Oh. That. Ye-”
“When did you buy this? It is pretty.”
“I uh I think around six years ago, I am not sure.”
“Jeez! You could still fit in this.”

“Do you remember that old dress of yours your friend pulled out a few months ago?”
“I remember.”
“You know I think it suits you so.”
“I know.”
“It looks like it was made for you.”
“Thank you.”
“Just don’t wear it somewhere, please. It is rather inappropriate for this place.”

There is still a dress somewhere in a cupboard. With small peach colored wrinkled flowers. Rested besides shorts with plaids, blue bell bottoms, a little black dress and other abandoned clothes.


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