Bright Lamps

‘What are you doing?’
‘Do you need help?’
‘What are you painting?’
‘This reference.’
‘Do you need something to drink?’
‘No, I can help myself.’
‘Coffee? Perhaps water?’
‘Do you think it will rain tomorrow?’
-she shrugged
‘Have you eaten? Should I get something?’
‘No, I can manage.’
‘Okay.. I will read the paper, then, dear.’
‘Do you need a cushion behind your back?’
‘It does not pain.’
‘It says here a new species of birds were found yesterday.’
‘I have to get a different brush for..’ clutching a shelf nearby
‘Do you need help getting up?’
‘You have managed that on your own for too long, let me.’
-she nodded
‘I am sure the crutch does not love holding you even half as much as I do.’


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