Winter Cups

Bring your conversation closer, for I do not want to talk.
If you want to sit beside, lie on top – there is not room for two, not much, almost not at all.
Leave no visible marks. Only I want to see them, they belong to me, after all.
Let’s have a conversation about flowers and storms or if you wish, flowers then storms?
Forgive the nails that I forgot to trim – they never meant to come off so grim.

Now, we have reached somewhere, somewhere in between, where flowers are exploding and it feels like we are on a silver screen.
I know you’re wanting a scream so, darling, let’s continue to make a scene. Stay silent and keep muffled – this all belongs to us and is only ours.
Each time I exhale, with a mind so numb – our earlier cup of coffee shines in your weary eyes.
Can we now talk about rain before the thunder crashes?
I will keep my claws tied to your gnaw, I refuse to win.

You are my favorite wreck


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