Mandarin, A Fruit

This example can be applied to any food, any flower or even a stone. I chose mandarins because I was eating them while this thought came to me.
You see, they are pre-sliced by nature. They are not meant to be one but they are together. They are not meant to be the same but a pack is under one peel. When you come across a bad taste, as if rotted or sour, all you think with a scrunchy nose faced is to throw away the fruit. You think this without knowing that the other half of the slice could have been sweet, without knowing that the rest of the fruit was perfectly all right, sweet and so pure. You judge their taste and toss them in the bin. Suppose, just suppose fruits had feelings, were alive like plants and they thought they had a purpose. A purpose such as filling the person, making them happy, growing more of themselves from the seeds carefully wrapped and buried inside them, away from the world. Now, their purpose is gone, they are inside the bin – rotting, wrinkling and their great ambition to satisfy you has gone because you judged too soon and assumed if one tasted so terrible, so will the others. Before you know this, before you realize this, fungus and all sorts of germs cover up the fruit and started eating it out. Finishing it. Destroying every ounce of it, and because or your disbelieve in the rest of the fruit, it won’t fight back and gradually be eaten, pushed down into the bottom of the bin.
On another hand you realize all this too soon and turn back to see the whole fruit sitting on your table in a plate, you continue and the rest have tasted sweet. Then, again, you come across a taste that makes your mouth look like it was vaccumed, and you think of throwing it away, the fruit. The terrible taste came again, certainly it did, it could have been some, but not all – never all.
I think it is the same with us.


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