Floral Plates

You take a pile of plates and hand it to someone. Then you hold a plate. Yours either slipped or you threw it. It broke. They have a pile and you only had one. The idea is, you broke yours, you can not touch it because the pieces will prick and even if you did, you will not be able to find all the pieces because once shattered, they shattered ever too far, you can not find all of them, thus, you can not pull the plate back together. They know you broke your plate and they will not lend you one from their pile, you can not eat. They will slowly apply cracks to theirs but not break it, no, your mistake will not be repeated. They can apply a crack whenever they wish, sometimes several on the same plate and you can not say anything because they will point to the shatters you are holding. You have no way out, there are no more left, yours fell and you can not possibly fix it back together. Glass does not fix, darling.

They can still eat out of their cracked plates. Any one of them. You have to eat the plate itself. Do you understand? Does anyone?

It must pain when you swallow.


2 thoughts on “Floral Plates

  1. Even though this piece was really short, it does resonate hauntingly with what that feeling is about, when you feel lost and alone and are looking for help even though you know they won’t help you. It’s beautifully written!

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