Cancelled Pages

Frankly, it bothers me when I see something beautiful. It actually bothers me to see women in pretty dresses and chairs shining under light because it is all too beautiful.  Nothing sexual or erotic, really, but the appreciation is a turn on in itself. To see many ties and heels. Colors and laughter – is far too depressing because you know these are things to talk about. They will not last. Like candies for a little child, each person has some trigger. One that sparks or flares up at the sight of something in interest.

Now the predicament with these triggers are that they have to released. These people have to hold someone’s shoulders and shake them to express it. One might notice the dilated, sparkling pupils while they talk – and yes, it might not be of your interest or infact it could be something something you utterly loathe, but that does not mean you cut them off. Oh, darling, no. Don’t – they do not need someone to advice or opiniate their words. Just listen. Oh, the peace in watching your lips sealed and corners curled up is beyond any thing else.


That is what bothers me. To be assured so strongly it the fact that no one wishes to listen, they won’t even compromise enough to hear you. To know all the voices and lights will only be memories to haunt you.

With that, head turns towards the empty chair, the trigger set off and dilated pupils fill with water instead of sparks.


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