“How are you?” She leaned against the door, her face drained and pale

“Fuck off! For the love of god leave me alone!” He screamed and she noticed his veins popping out. His skin around the metal was bruised and now it had started to swell. She moved a step closer and he shouted again, she retreated to the door side and her eyebrows dropped. He struggled again and screamed in pain, she hung her head and turned, shutting and locking the door while he cried.

She returned a few hours later, like always, with a drained face and empty eyes. He knew she was out of senses now, he pulled himself and sat up. She stood there with her head hung like a child who was scolded. “Come here…” He sighed, to which she dropped and crawled. His body language softened and he stared at her, her little high pony hung to a side and she had applied eyeliner. His shirt overly sized on her and her boxer’s laced revealed below. She reached the bed and crawled on top when he whispered “Closer.”

He asked and she nodded, unlocking and opening the chains. She removed them slowly and gathered them, pushing off the bed and crawled back to him while he massaged his arms. He gathered her body in his arms and parted his legs, pulling her closely in between. Her head rested on his head and she sung her songs while he stroked her head and asked about the day. “I tried to make a cake for you but it ruined, I’m sorry.” “Shh, its all right.” And she would drift off after a few kisses. His eye bags were getting darker. The bin had tissues in blood stains, though, his touch was still gentle as always and kisses so gentle. Each night he would leave in her mind, the place they called home, with a packed bag and book, thus, she would wake up every night and pull his arms behind his back slowly, pulling and wrapping the chains all over again. Then curling up near him until he woke up again, screaming from the creatures he saw and at what she had done. Until he would curse again. Until the next time her destroyed body returned to his ruined mind.


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