Needs In Others

‘I wish to listen and love people.’
‘Yet, you are never near anyone.’
‘They push me away.’
‘Why is that?’
She shrugs ‘They probably get startled by the amount of affection I tend to give.’
‘..and why do you, give..affection?’
‘Do you know how much it aches inside when you turn to someone who says they understand and they turn out to be saying it in formality?’
‘Leave them.’
‘I have stopped caring but I will not leave them. I do not care but I am good enough to not show it.’
‘They do not need you.’
‘No! They need affection.’
‘Look at yourself. Who was there for you?’
‘Will you let me speak!? All I am saying is, they can not go through what I did. They need me..they..’
‘You look so pale and has no one been concerned about your coughs?’
‘Let me speak!’
‘You weakness is appearing, your illness is showing, your eyes are tired, your lips are dea..’
‘Stop it!’ she drops it from its’ frame and watches the glass shatter ‘Stop…’


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