Chain Her.

‘You may say whatever you want, she will still do whatever she pleases. That cold heart and wild mind can not be kept quiet. Worry about the time she fights back, because everyone knows she will win. She accepts to stay calm because she knows how strong she is. The way her word shoot and hit their souls, it pleasures her. After all, they turned her into this. Let her be and she will show you what she is capable of – she and ones like her. Their minds are capable of anything and everything. We are tragically most destructive. Claim your love for her or your loathe, she will still feel no different. Listening to others has nothing in for her, she does it only for the sake of it, only because that is what she wanted. Be grateful she does not torture you how her mind wishes to, for you will not be able to face anyone after that. All those words and all those looks, covered and clothed in hate and anger, all that hate and anger covered in depression and sadness, and all of that – covered in pure love. The sort of love you will see if only you are lucky enough. That firm hand and stone hard body takes care of you; kept inside are the pain and vulnerability that she polishes with diamonds daily. She attracts eyes and shines so bright, no one will ever figure out that ill mind and broken soul, that warm heat and painful body, all in all, she is covered in beauty – and that is all that matters to her. Because now, even she does not care. Now, that should scare you.’


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