-She sighs deeply
‘What’s wrong now?’
‘Oh, nothing, I’m tired.’
‘Lie down, will you?’
‘Oh, no, not physically, dear. Drained, I mean.’
‘What happened now?’
-She sighs again ‘I’ve decided now. Clearly. I will just pretend now on. Act out every move and fake every smile. People are useless, really.’
‘Don’t you think they will figure out you are faking your happiness?’
-She laughs ‘Oh, darling, they couldn’t figure me out when tears rolled down these cheeks. How on earth will they ever differ my laugh from my cry.’
‘As you say. Do you want to dance? you want to. How are you?’
‘Oh, darling, I would love to! I am perfectly fine right now!’ she smiles
‘Oh, I’m glad you are..’
‘You see. It’s that easy. Let’s go to the floor now.’ she walks humming
-He sighs and follows


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