(This was a quick 5 minute write, was listening to ‘Sleep The Clock Around – Mates of State’)
‘What sort of parties do you prefer?’
‘Depends, where?’
‘Any sort. All sort. Tell me all.’
‘I like only two sorts of parties.’
‘Tell me about them.’
‘The royal ones? Like balls? Should always have some Indie music in the ending hour, where everyone just drinks a lot and loses senses. The ladies in dresses and covered in pearls, gold or diamonds. Black dresses covered in net, blue dresses covered in lace, others in ribbons and such. Whereas, the men in suits, wearing ties or bow ties. Polished shoes, combed hair and beautifully colored ties. Oh, it would be lovely! At the end where they can just dance how ever they want. No one will judge them and everyone will appreciate one another moves. It could go on all night like that. Whereas the other sort is where common people, like us, can all get together at a place and wear whatever they wish, but of course something with class, covered in any jewellery. Their hairdos as they wish and a pool outside. With lots of food around, every sort of food and drink displayed around. Ladies covered in makeup and filled with laughter. Everyone smoked and high on something. Everyone should have limited drinks so that they don’t drop somewhere, but have fun instead. Where people could sing to each other in their terribly voices. Everyone’s favorite songs queued up to be listened. A place like..starting at some river side or beach and coming back to someone’s house or backyard. Everything can be set safely but oh, what fun it would be. Most of them, I tell you, will be terribly lonely people. This I assure. Rich, lonely, hated, lovely people- who just spend every few nights with a few other strangers when things get too out of control in their life. Also, every few days, they change up the places and songs, because the others don’t feel left out. No one dancing in a specific way, everyone just enjoying the moment and dancing under neon lights or the stars. One way or another, everyone should have class and understanding. Not just any party jerks. Some are jerks. Terribly people. Destroying others moods, as well.’
‘That is beautiful. No wonder you get so terribly bored here. All the dances are choreographed and the songs are from a specific playlist.’
‘I am aware.’
‘I know about twenty other people who want to get out of here, they would love you. Want to leave?’
-She nods and lifts herself up ‘I thought you’d never ask.’


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