Coffee & Wine.

‘He sits in this coffee house for several hours. What is his problem?! It is such a bother to watch him with the way he is.’
-The other waiter looks up from the counter ‘Oh, him? He has been coming here for the past three years. Why does it bother you, anyway?’
‘He just sits and talks to himself! Plus, the amount of coffee and wine he drinks is surprising on how his system copes up with it.’
‘He is a lonely man. Let him be.’
‘Well, I refuse to serve him anymore.’
‘No problem. I will do it. Go on with your work. Table 12 has been waving their menu in the air for a while now.’
-He laughs and walks over to the table.
-The old mad raises and lowers his hand. The waiter walks over to him with an empty tray.
‘Do you want more, sir?’ he starts filling up the tray with cups and glasses
‘It’s okay. It’s okay to be depressed. Everyone goes through it. I have a headache. Two more coffee cups, please.’
‘Yes, sir, it is okay, do you need anything else?’
‘Sleep. Sleep. I..I uh.. I haven’t slept for a few days now. Insomnia. I can not help it. D-do you want to know what I do all day? I will tell you, I don’t mind. U-unless you have to work, which is also fine.’
-He wipes the table to spare time ‘No, sir, I’m here. Tell me.’
‘Okay, okay. Well, I read, I read a lot of books. I love reading. Then I look after the neighbors dog, he usually comes to me through the cracked fence. There is a cracked fence. I feed him bits of meat that I buy on the..well, on the way back.’
-He picks up the tray and nods ‘That is very kind of you. I will get you your coffee now.’
‘I mean..insomnia passes with time, right. So will they. They visit me every now and then. They speak to me- Did I tell you about the cracked fence? The neighbors have a dog.’
-The waiter nods and smiles. He returns in a couple minutes with a plate and a couple of cups.
‘Here. I added some food, as well. You do not need to pay for it.’
‘Thank you. Thank you, child. I will leave after this. The dog will need someone to play with- They died.’
‘…Who died, sir?’
‘Neighbors. T-the neighbors died a year ago. I take care of the dog. He comes to me through the cracked fence.’
‘Oh, all right, sir. Well, I will be around if you need me.’
-The old man nods and slowly sips on his coffee
‘Did the psycho leave?’
‘He sure did. I got to know about some things, as well.’
‘I do not care. I hate serving him. He talks so much!’
‘Oh, by the way, here.’
‘What is this?’
-The other waiter hands over a couple of coins
‘The old man left us both some tip. Said you were very patient.’
-The younger waiter’s eyes fill ‘Oh, God.’


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