‘You have been awfully quiet these days.’
-She nods and stares at the sky
‘What’s wrong, dear? You are usually so lively.’
-Her voice deadpan ‘The stars are so dull here.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘You can hardly see them.’
‘Do you want to drive some place else?’
-She shook her head and stared at the dim bulbs lost in the black sky
‘The outside here does not give me peace.’
‘I’m telling you, dear, let’s drive miles away from here.’
‘We will never reach there even if we do.’
-He sighed. He looked up to see her eyes filled.
‘What is it that you miss the most?’
-She smiled weakly ‘The nights. We would often go out at night time and I loathed that, now that I think about them – I wish for those the most. It was alone and depressing, but it was beautifully alone and depressing.’
‘Well, love, you always loved the cold. I think it is quite the same here.’
‘No. The cold there was comforting, the cold here makes me shiver.’
‘Well…what do you want to do now?’
-She shook her head, pulling out a joint
‘Take me to my house, will you, dear. My cat must be hungry.’
-He nodded, avoiding the smoke she released. She paused.
‘We will come back here in some weeks, all right?’
‘You can see a lot of planes fly by from here.’


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