Barrel On Her Temple.

‘Sir, do you remember anything?’
‘All of it.’ his look lost in space
‘Sir, you have to fill in the details as you were the witness.’
His body drained and eyes wet. He did not reply until the officers nudged his arm. ‘She shot herself.’
‘Yes, Sir, we found the bullet hole. How did she do it and why?’
‘I entered the apartment and asked her if she wished to go to the beach that night, but, I saw her curled in a corner…crying. So, I asked her..’ he swallowed hard ‘I asked her what is wrong, she lifted her head and told me. She told me how hurt she was. How she fills herself with medicines and sleeps whenever she gets home from work and that is why she stopped eating, she became weaker. Really. I had to buy her new clothes, she became thinner. Oh, I tried…’ his voice cracking ‘I tried to talk her out of it. She told me how much the others hated her, I meant nothing, I was just a friend and because I worked in the restaurant downstairs, I came up to her apartment often to deliver food. She was a little person, really. She lived alone, no one really knew her.’
‘Sir, would you tell us what she did and why?’
‘I apologize. Well, she told me..she told me how hurt she was, how she was not recovering, then she got up and said she is going to wash up and change. I set up the food on the table and she returned before I was done. She told me to tell everyone how beautiful she was..’
‘Then I turned around, she stood in her diamonds and velvet dress. With the barrel on her temple. She pulled the trigger before I could reach her. I shouted, I shouted so much..’ he breaks down.
Then he laughs and smiles, shaking his head.
Astounded ‘Sir, are you okay?’
‘Not really. Well, the thing is, that night, she did go to the beach.’


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