Torture Through Words.

‘You shouldn’t have worn that dress today.’
Refilling her glass ‘Why is that so, love?’
‘Oh, shut up. Do not call me that. You wore it on purpose.’
‘What do you mean? I love this dress.’
‘It has a low neck and it fits on your body, you saw how everyone was staring at you.’
‘Well, yes. So were everyone else dresses, it is okay, really.’
‘It is not! The men stared with vulgar looks! I do not think it right.’
‘What do you ever?’ she reaches for the bottle and he grabs her hand.
‘Enough drinking! It is hard to talk to you with that breath, you senseless creature.’ he pulls away the bottle.
‘So what if a few stared? Not like it matters, I did no-…’
‘It does matter! With your skin exposing that way!? It is not okay!’
She sighs and turns toward the window, pulling back every tear. He cups her chin in one hand and forces her face towards him.
‘Do not ignore me when I talk to you!’
‘…Leave me.’
‘Oh, tell me how I am hurting you, I like hearing that.’ he smirked.
‘Let go off of me!’
‘I do so much for you, you unappreciative brat. You always end up dancing or laughing with those men. When are you going to leave your number on a tissue, my dear? ..Say, who all have your lipstick shade on them or your address?’ he smirked with his eyes darting hers in anger.
‘… I do not believe you. If I had to be with anyone else, I would not be in your limo, would I!? I…’ her eyes softened and she smiled ‘You are afraid, are you not, dear? Afraid someone else might be closer to me than you ever will be. What if they did touch me while dancing? Many of them have offered me drinks. You are just insecure about how you can be no better than them, is it not?’
Letting go of his grip, his pupils dilating, he moves back.
‘You are an insensitive person. Heartless. You are only after money and fame, you never loved me.’
‘I did not. I never did. Loving you would have been insane. I use you for my loneliness.’
‘Oh bother, you want nothing else but others to notice you and your selfish behavior. You think you are so high, much better. You are nothing but a needy little creature with a cold heart.’
‘You just say that because you want to make me insecure, that way I will be trapped and twisted in your words and I will always stay with you. Away from others. That is all you want. You do not like me, you just want me.’ the smirk on his face wipes off.
The car stops ‘Sir, we’re here.’
‘Thank you, driver. Now are you coming, dear, or should I get one of your lovers to escort you to your room?’
She storms out and into the house. He follows, shaking his head ‘Idiotic little creature. Always up to tearing me apart.’ his voice cracks ‘Knowing I only adore her.’


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