Morning Kisses.

‘She does not talk to me anymore.’
‘What are you talking about? She is always around you.’
Shaking his head ‘Yes, but, she is lost somewhere else when she speaks. Like she just needs someone to tell everything to. Lost in thoughts. Unaware of her words or eyes. Unaware until someone grabs her shoulders and shakes them.’
‘What does she talk about?’
‘About some things that keep running through her mind.’
‘What are they?’ sipping his coffee
‘She makes up these..scenarios.. in her mind. They apparently keep her happy, because they never happened and the thought of them pleases her.’
‘What sort of scenarios?’
He pulled out a cigar ‘People dancing. Singing. Jumping into rivers. Reading together. Little rebellions acts. She doesn’t really explain a lot.’
‘No wonder she often smiles and talks to her self so much.’
‘Yes, yes.’ He coughed ‘I have noticed that.’
‘You know, you should not smoke too much.’
‘Last. Anyway, I would like to love her, but, she has been so dull for the past few weeks. She drags her self out of bed, makes coffee, reads books and just talks to me whenever I go to her.’
‘What else does she do when she is done with her books and waits for you?’
‘Writes and brushes her hair beside the window.’
He sighed ‘Well, try doing some of the things she likes with her.’
‘I would love to but I never have time. I have a lot of work. I do have dinner with her. Weekends would do! Oh, but, she never gets out of her state.’
‘Try something small at first…like morning kisses or greetings.’
‘I will try.’ He coughed again
‘Drop that already!’
They went on and on, talking and sipping their coffees under the shade of the tree, outside the cafe.
‘I kissed her forehead this morning before going to work.’
‘S-she looked up and smiled.’


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