Another Place.

-Her eyes rolled and nose scrunched
‘How much longer will this party go on for, Sir?’
‘Well..uh’ he lifts his wrist ‘About three more hours.’
-She nods and walks off sighing. He follows.
‘Are you okay?’
‘Yeah, yeah.’
‘Bored here?’
‘Terribly! In fact, with this city. The same, the same.’
‘Tell me about it.’ he sighs
‘Really? You too?!’
‘Why, yes. Being alone is also a terrible bore.’
-Her eyebrows drop
‘Let’s leave this party, let’s sit at the bridge.’
-He offers his arm
‘As you wish, my lady.’
-She giggles
-Swinging her legs
‘Let’s face the truth, we are just using each others company to beat our loneliness.’
‘I suppose so. Although, I have liked being with you.’
‘I do too. I will miss you once you are gone, but, I will not make you stay. Because will leave anyway.’
‘Maybe that is where you went wrong. Maybe the difference is.. I will stay.’


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