(Her Poetry) شعرها

Strangers hands where they shouldn’t be.
What they tried, oh, what they did.
The bricks of her wall demolished and crumbled.
Pills in her system and head filled with fear.
Seeing them every night, smiling, sitting beside. Color faded, eyes wet.
Nothing which blossomed impressed that mind. Just gun, blades and all that rhymes.
Vulgar were the words and such intimidate eyes.
Absorbed in her beauty, “It is all I have.”… Her words.
Over worked muscles. Gasping for air. Pills in her system.
The love for blade and guns lead to scars on skin for fun.
Lost that self respect. Spent darkness with hands and lips of unknown, left on the skin.
She knew she’d done a terrible thing.
Frustration let out with a fist on a wall.
Felt so weak, felt so small.
Bruises unhealed on knuckles unrevealed.
Knocked out of senses each night.
Messaged all names that appeared in sight.
Coughed and wheezed through the day.
Rubbed eyes, spread make up unaware.
Drugs came under routine.
Groaned and moaned for months in pain.
Rolled the blanket, wrapped between arms.
Cried for love and said she was no harm.
Fairies and princesses died long ago. Now filled with grim, lust and sorrow.
Her thoughts disgusted and disturbed them.
How erotic, how lovely, how peaceful they were.
“Only if, only if.” wept till sleep.
Let their eyes slide on her curves.
Pills in her system.
Packed a suitcase once. Cried and shivered in fright. Messaged to all names in sight.
Morning came. Headache and pain.
Carved wood. Hid cuts with paper.
No book left without a coffee stain.
Rested on half the bed. Wished someone filled the rest.
Pushed the curtains away for the day.
Midnight showers and cheese breakfasts.
Crimes shows, the only reason her finger ever laid on a remote.
Thought of remodeling it all. Over worked muscles, brushes and pencils left beside piles of tissues.
Wiped her liner off along with tears.
Saw it then and screamed in fear.
Photographed the drinks.
Loved the world captured in black and white.
Recalled places. Leather jacket, the boat, few smiles, a stage.
Warm water flowed through the burning skin..


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