What Matters.

‘You know what’s the matter with you!?’
‘Oh, no, beside me, everyone does.’
‘Everything okay?’
‘He refuses to change his attitude. He and his pack’
‘They should! That behavior is utterly disrespectful and others feeling are hurt!’
‘Have you noticed nothing else other than that, about him?’
‘There is nothing other than the inappropriate behavior!’
‘The agreement to being alone rather than changing for others is not everyone can easily agree to.’
‘What about..’
‘The agreement to credits being stolen or not given, or carrying weight without help is not something someone like you would do. Tell me, have you ever noticed a thing about their manners?’
‘What manners?! They have no discipline. They do not talk respectfully to their elders or the young ones.’
‘Those people, that table, they are very strict people about manners and respect. They do not give the people who want it, but those who deserve it. They see what normally we do not. They see others from inside.’
‘Nonsense. Have you seen their eyes? Ever heard their voices? They are criminals. Sadist, mentally ill people.’
‘I have noticed, thank you. The..’
‘You sound just like them!’
‘The thing that matters is how they keep their laughter low, they eat and walk without noise, they sit straight. People like you do not see the good about others only because they did not do that one specific that you expected them to. Now that is where you go wrong and I take up their side.’
‘You are still running around the bush.’
‘No, sir, you see, they never say a harsh word to someone who has done nothing to them. They are caring, sir.’
‘I don’t believe you.’
‘Stay here, keep an eye.’
-He walks past the table
‘Sir, you could trip like that’ a deadpan voice
-She gets off of her seat and ties the lace
‘Thank you, young lady.’
-She nods and pulls up half a smile
‘You see?’
‘How delightful. Anyone could have told you that!’
‘Yes, but neither did anyone, nor would they have tied it. You see, I come here everyday. They are quite observant, they know about my spine.’
‘Whatever that was and whatever you meant to tell. I still find these imbeciles absolutely intolerant.’
‘As you say.’
‘You still have no reason for their voice and eyes.’
‘Oh, but, I do. You see, I would not know what each of them went through, but it is clear they are very defendant. I see I wasted time. I bid you adieu.’
‘Good day.’
‘Although, no one beside you is so disturbed by them. It does not even harm them, what you think or do. They will leave, return tomorrow, and nothing shall change.’
-He was left there, standing alone


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