The Outside.

‘Dear, God! Why do you have to be so intimidating, huh!?’
‘Should not have sneaked up on me.’
‘Put the switch blade away, now!’
‘What is wrong with you? You are no where near normal.’
‘I know.’
‘What are you so proud of!? You play with lighters and punch the wall in frustration!’
‘I was there, thank you.’
‘Why…why are like this?’
‘I am just a bit defen..’
‘You have scars on your body and vulgarness on your tongue. Please, act like a lady at times!’
‘Stop shouting. I’m hardly even listening.’
‘There isn’t a thing about you to be proud of. You have no favorite flowers, you don’t appreciate bright colors. God, that music is horrid and your eyes..they..they just look like they will claw one’s out in a second. You can’t dress normally! The curses and innappropraite laughing fits are so disturbing.’
-Her eyes lost in space
‘…I love blue bells.’
‘Nothing. Go away.’
‘See, you just do not act normal!’
-She stomps the roll and walks away nodding, the other shouts
‘I’m sure you don’t like being this way!’
‘No, darling, no. I love it!’


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