‘Why are you up so late?
Who is that you await?
You keep crashing into the wall, sit, darling.
That heart of yours, calm it’s hunger.
I see how deep that crack went.
Though, do you see how you didn’t break?

I am right beside you. I will take care of you.
Admire the face.
Those dark eyes hide so much.
Those lips are so delicate.
The body, love it. It carries so much.
You think so much. Talk to me instead.
I promise to listen.
All that piled up in it. No wonder the head aches.

Oh, sure, dress as you wish, love.
Go ahead, remove them if you don’t wish for them.
Remove the pain and insecurities along with them, please.
Breathe deep. Close your eyes. I’m not going anywhere.

Touch where it hurts. Be gentle.
You’re fragile.
Sit down, please. Lie down if you wish.
Leave the bottle.
Finish the roll, the ash tray is right over there.
Drop the pills.

Balter. I admire it all.
See, you’re smiling now. How lovely.
Keep yourself warm. Imagine me.

Most of all, write. Write it all. Write your soul, your heart, your mind.
Good night, love. I’m right here.’


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