‘Why are you so quiet?’
-Her face expressionless
‘I just talk to myself a lot.’
‘About what?’
‘Things I do not intend to tell others.’
‘For example?’
‘And why is it that you do not tell others?’
‘What makes you think I will tell you.’
‘I was hoping you will.’
‘Why? So you can tell me how crazy I am? How stupid I am? Old-fashioned?’
‘No! I just wanted to know.’
‘You people do not care. You all are just curious. Your hearts do not calm until you know what is what. Then you leave it at that. Leaving others in misery. In the the same? Will you really not get someone who will listen?’
‘You exaggerate everything you say. You are so young. What would you know?!’
‘My age is young, not my soul. Please leave if you wish to protest against my ways.’
‘You people are so stupid and difficult to talk to.’
-Her eyes drop
‘And, here, you wanted to know what I was self talking about.’ she sighs and gets up ‘Good night.’
‘Oh, sure! Walk away! Drag all your burdens and thoughts along with you!’
‘I am.’


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