‘I hate this place!’
‘The noise is too much!’
-Her eyes fixed on the fog forming on the glass
‘Uh huh.’
‘You are not listening! I can not even concentrate!’
‘That is because you are focusing on the sounds that will annoy you.’
‘There is nothing else!’
‘Calm down, first, love.’
‘Never mind you, you are always knocked out of senses!’
-She holds her hand
‘Hear that?’
‘The sound of that coffee crashing into the cup.’
‘What is wrong with you?!’
‘Those pen scribbles on a rough paper. The sound of heels on a wooden floor. The deep sighs.’
-She smiles hopelessly at her
‘Yes. Pardon me. I was too harsh.’
‘You can never win your work if you lose your peace of mind.’
‘I understand… Wow, that is a big crowd, I think they won a match.’
‘Those imbeciles.’


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