-Bell rings
‘Oh, you! What are you doing at this hour of the night?!’
‘I do not understand people.’
‘Come in! Oh, you are out of your senses again.’
-She loses balance
‘No. Listen. W-why is it that when they do something, it is all right because they are that way. When you do it, you are being an utter nuisance? I-I do not se..’
-She drops in his arms
‘Oh, God. You are freezing.’
‘I like the cold.’
‘Hah, I know, I know. I’ll turn on the fire. Do you want me to make you a cup of coffee?’
‘I want you to sit beside me.’
-He puts aside the match box
‘I stopped being whiny or a nuisance because I understand it only bothers them. They have nothing to do with me. They are all right when I am in a good mood, but, if they see they see my brows slightly dropped, they do not know how to react.’
‘I understand, darling, not all of them get you.’
‘Then..why do they keep trying to? It is perfectly fine to me if they do not pay attention or give no sympathy. It, honestly, does not bother me. What does is that when they try to understand, knowing they will not succeed, then just put all the blame on…me.’
‘What do you want them to do?’
‘Leave me alone.’
‘They care about you, love, they can not do that.’
‘Well, they do not have to talk to me.’
‘They love you.’
‘They do not! You do not keep telling a person you do a lot for them if you love them! That is not called compromising!’
‘Sorry. Calm down.’
‘What is wrong with them!? I have never told a person to be grateful for what I have done! How could you be mean to someone who comes to you during their distress?! They think of you when they need someone, they talk to you when they want someone to listen. Then why would you try to make them understand you are there for them. You are not there for them if you scold them in their state. The person is talking to you about something with a very destructed mind.’
-He pulls her in his arms before she gets up
‘Don’t get up! Stay…’
‘Y-you want me to?’
-He smiled and nodded


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