Insane soul

‘You are insane!’
‘Am I, now?’
‘Yes! Let me go!’
-She smiled
‘Tell me what you see in my eyes.’
‘Hate and anger!’
‘Oh, no, use different words.’
-He swallowed hard
‘Storms and volcanoes.’
‘Oh, that is lovely. You need sleep now.’
‘I do not! Open me, at least.’
-She kissed his forehead
‘Now you are being very cranky. Good night.’
‘No, please do not turn off the lights. Please. No!’
‘Good morning. How are you?’
‘Morning. Fine.’
‘I am going out to get coffee. Need something?’
‘Can you please just untie me?’
-Her eyes widened
‘You promise not to leave?’
‘I promise.’
‘All right, darling. Here. Bye bye.’
-He sighed
‘Hurry back.’
-She grinned and nodded
‘Need anything?’
‘Just you.’
-She smiled and left
-He looked at his drained face in the mirror
‘I have to keep loving her to keep her normal. That is the only thing that keeps her normal.’


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