‘It is very difficult being around you.’
‘I understand.’
‘Although, it is more difficult to stay away from you.’
-She lights up the roll
‘Oh, sure.’
‘You do not even listen!’
‘I tend to ignore talks about me.’
‘Listen to me! I need you to!’
-She rubs her eyes and nods
‘Yes, love?’
‘Your voice is so mocking! I can not even tell you I love you.’
‘I loathe listening these talks. Besides, I already know that.’
‘I never understood why.’
‘You never will. Someone who has lived through talks more than actions knows how boring this becomes with time. I do not need your words.’
‘You need to hear what I have to say!’
-She moves forward and releases the smoke in his face
‘I never understood people like you.’
-He coughs
‘You are not listening to me!’
‘The most you will do now is raise your voice and increase the sharpness of your words.’
‘Have you always been so apathetic towards others?!’
-She tilts her head and nods
‘Actually, yes, now that I think about it. I am sorry.. What did you have to say, darling?’
‘Forget it… and forget me!’
-He leaves


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