Ship’s sailor.

‘You can not leave me thinking I will be fine.’
‘Why not?’
‘I will return to how I was.’
‘Why would you do that?’
‘It will happen it self, I will turn towards it and will not even fight it.’
‘Why not? I do not understand this…’
‘It is the ocean, I am the anchor, you are the rope. You cut. I drop.’
-he moves forward, resting his arms on his thighs and his fingers joining like a puzzle
‘You are hard to understand, you know?’
‘I have been told. At least I never force people to stay.’
‘I noticed, why is that?’
‘They said they cared, they tried to help, they gave up with time, they left. The anchor dropped. It is a boring routine, honestly. Like it is my job. Thus, I also gave up with time, stopped trusting them with their words. It stopped mattering. The water decreased at times, letting more impact come on to the anchor. I quit. Then the anchor just dropped, floated but never lifted. You pulled it up on the ship.’
‘I wont leave you.’
‘I believe you.’


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