‘Her laugh worries me at times.’
‘Why is that so?’
‘Have you noticed her laughing pattern?’
‘It seems fine to me.’
‘No. No, when she laughs naturally, you know.’
‘What other way is there?’
‘The fits. She laughs at anything and has fits for a long time, her voice changes as well. That is not her natural laugh.’
‘What do you mean? Is she okay?’
‘Stress relief. She hates crying so she chooses this. The darling laughs this way quite often.’
‘So you mean what is happening right now…’
‘ the stress relief. Go ask her, she does not know how to lie.’
‘Hi, darling!’
‘Enjoying the party? How are you?’
‘Why, yes.. Mm. Have you tried the soup?! Oh, it is delicious.’
‘Oh, you poor thing… Do you want to leave?’


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