‘You want to do so much.’
‘I do.’
‘Yet, you hardly take care of yourself.’
‘I know. It is difficult.’
‘Look at yourself, look at your interests compared to your health.’
‘I need water.’
‘You have a selfish body, attractive but selfish.’
-she coughs
‘Go wash your face! You are out of color. Pale skin and grey lips is not okay! Go.’
‘Apply something, some lotion and gloss, I suppose.’
‘Coming back to the topic.’
‘You stress too much! This will not work! How do you expect your body to be fine when you pressurize it so much?!’
‘At least stop shouting at me. I shall work on it.’
‘Fine, go listen to some songs.’
‘Have coffee.’
‘Sure, also wear something comfortable and write.’
‘Yes, write. You wont function with out it.’
‘I will go do it right now, I love you.’
-she got up from in front of the mirror and smiled at herself


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