Stronger minds.

‘Are you okay?’
‘What’s wrong?’
‘Oh, nothing.’
‘Please tell me.’
‘Fine! I have not been well, I am ill and I have a lot on my mind.’
‘Oh. You’ll be fine. Don’t hate yourself for it. You just need to work harder and prove to others that they are wrong, all you have to do is be stronger and work har…’
‘Did I ask for any advice?’
‘Did I ask for your help or your motivation? I am perfectly fine and I love myself. Things just get hard at times. I do not need you.’
‘I was only trying to help.’
‘You asked me what was wrong, I asked for nothing in return.’
‘I was only trying to help! Stop pressurizing me!’
‘You are quite understanding. I am the one who is in distress, whereas, you are the one who is crying.’
-she pulls the crying creature into her arms
‘I’m sorry, I’m fine. I should go..I have a class.’
-she wipes her eyes and leaves
‘You all are equally stupid and weak. Lovely, though.’


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