A play’s actor.

-friend following
‘What’s wrong?’
-taking a seat in front of the mirror
‘Oh, come on, did something go wrong?’
‘Nothing that matters.’
-rubbing her make up off with a sponge
‘Did someone say something?’
‘Not that it matters.’
‘Oh, for God’s sake… how did something go wrong, you were so well on stage, you looked okay.’
‘That is why it it called acting, darling.’
-unpinning her hair
‘Well, should I leave?’
‘I would like that.’
-she leaves and the other sighs, mascara starts to run down her cheeks
‘I need some fresh air.’
-pats her cheeks with a tissue
‘Oh, she was in the play! Your acting was magnificent! We absolutely loved it.’
‘Why, thank you, I’m glad you liked it. I quite enjoyed it myself.’
‘We are sure, would be amazing to be doing all this. All the rehearsals, too.’
‘Sure is! Oh, the rehearsals are dipped in joy and bloopers. I love it.’
‘Well, we have to leave to Hall II. Autograph?’
-skipping on their feet
‘Certainly. Enjoy.’
-they leave. she sighs again. biting her lower lip, she sits at the lower step and stares into the ink blue sky
‘Selfish people. Their play would drop like a fused bomb without me. Without my dedication and acting. Although, a few nice words never hurt. However, I did nothing wrong! Then, again, they could have been nicer. Oh, I hate the rehearsals!’
-enter friend
‘How are you now? Are you ready for the second play?’
‘Oh, hello. Darling, I was made for this. This acting and fame.’
‘I suppose you are fine now.’
‘I did tell you I was a good actor, didn’t I?’
‘Oh, love. What shall I do with you…’
-she pulls her in her arms


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