Unique ones.

‘These parties always bore me.’
‘Although, it is fun to observe others.’
‘Like who?’
-he pressed the roll into the ash tray
‘Oh, come on. Look around.’
‘Hm. Quite fascinating.’
-he pulled out another and lit it
‘No, no. I shall explain. Look at that woman over there, look how she is so caught up in her animal.’
‘Look how that man is so concerned about his hair. It’s hilarious.’
-his eyes rolled and he hummed
‘Well, what about the lady who is sure of what belongs to her?’
-the other smirked
‘There, at the food table.’
‘That cup belongs to me.’
‘Well get another one. They are all the same and all plastics.’
‘That.. cup.. belongs.. to me!’
-the lady’s jaw tightened
‘Come on, woman. How can you even tell?’
-she pushes her face forward
‘Do you see my lips!?’
‘The stains on the cup are mine.’
‘Anyone could have had that lipstick color.’
‘I was also stressed while I held the cup…’
‘I dug my nails into it…’
-the man turned the cup which revealed crescent shaped cuts
‘Okay, jeez, here. I’m sorry.’
‘You should be.’
‘Who is she?’
‘A famous blogger. No one really likes her for her ways.’
‘No one would be a false.’


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