A conversation.

‘It hurts.’
-she throws her hands from head to hips.
‘You should take care of yourself.’
‘Leave.Leave right now.’
‘Why, love?’
‘Everyone says the same thing. I try so much. My body is cursed, self-destructive, broken.’
-she whimpered.
‘Oh, love, don’t feel that way. You will be fine.’
‘Hah. I have no hope for that.’
-she took another puff
‘At least leave this. God. It’s only harming you more!’
-He grabs her wrist
‘Leave me!’
-she violently pulls away
‘Okay, fine. Where does it hurt?’
‘Here currently.’
-she rubs the back of her neck gently.
‘Oh, you always have had a slender neck. I have noticed.’
‘Here too..there and there also. My head, too. Oh! What does it matter!?’
‘….Dear God.’
‘Heal me. Please.’
‘I’m no doctor. Now don’t stare at me like that.’
-pulling his hands out of his pockets, he bends down and balances on his toes.
‘Tell me some thing, though.’
‘W-why do you keep yourself this way?’
‘Because you can not destroy something that already lives in a destructive state.’
-he sighs and slowly pulls away the roll from between her fingers
‘Let’s get you to bed.’
‘I need no sleep.’
‘No wonder you are falling on the ground’
-laying her down and tucking his hands back in his pockets
‘I’ll heal on my own.’
‘How do you know?’
‘I don’t, I hope.’
-yawning, she turns towards her pillow and he sits beside her.


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