Eleanor Rigby :)

(1:00 pm)

-Strangers have feelings too :’)

Oman, Muscat, M.Q, A-Fair ..

My mom often used to come to Al-Fair for shopping and I used to wait outside, reading the billboards, comforting myself from the pictures of cats because I missed Tippy (my cat). Out of the blue, a meow came, I turned around to see a black/white cat sitting at the stairs, staring at me. I smiled and walked towards it. I sat on the top stair and it came running to me and started rubbing it’s head against my legs. I kept petting it until it got up all of a sudden and ran, I turned behind to see what was the rush and saw it go towards an old man, he smiled at me and said “Hello, I see you have made friends with Mr. Kitty”, he seemed like a British, in his 60’s, I smiled and got up. He went and sat on the cemented border of a plant, I followed and sat there, stroking the cat. Then I noticed the bowl in his hand, it contained fish or chicken. He fed the cat, stroked it and spoke. “Mr. Kitty loves food don’t he? .. He used to have a friend here” he said, pointing out to the other plant, “they used to play there” I smiled, nodded and listened. “But kitty’s only friend died didn’t she?” He said, stroking him. I gave a sigh and continued listening .. “Now kitty isn’t left with anyone but me, ain’t that right kitty? Now kitty is left in this world, lonely” He smiled with water eyes. “No one takes care now a days, do they? you know…” He said, rubbing it’s chin, “His jaw once fell, it somehow broke and was bleeding… no one but I was there to help, ain’t that right kitty? No one cared, no one helped” He said while almost crying. I understood after some time that he was referring to himself and the cat. I almost felt like crying but kept listening, “Even if we die, no one would notice ‘eh kitt?” .. Then my mom called me, my voice went weak I couldn’t speak so all that came out was “I have to go now, it was great talking to you sir, the cat is adorable, sure loves you” and he replied, “Okay ma’am, thank you for listening, goodnight” we both smiled at each other and I got up. After almost reaching the car, I turned around to see them, he pulled the cat onto his lap, almost hugging it.


The title, “Eleanor Rigby” was written because it is a song written by the “Beatles” telling about the old, lonely, forgotten people in this world… ❤


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